Managing Partner, Hazim Rizkana, recognized in Business Today’s Top 10 Powerful Dispute Resolution Lawyers Shaping Egypt’s Arbitration Landscape in 2023

Just recently, prominent online news platform “Business Today,” published a number of lists dedicating recognition to groups of attorneys and their respective practice areas worldwide. R&P was among one of the firms acknowledged in those lists, specifically the works of our Managing Partner, Hazim Rizkana. Hazim was named one of the “Top 10 Powerful Dispute Resolution Lawyers Shaping Egypt's Arbitration Landscape in 2023”. The list describes the attorneys mentioned as highly reputable attorneys that are dedicated to finding resolution to every dispute and goes on to praise their profound understanding of the law. Business Today when focusing on Hazim Rizkana, defines him as an attorney who naturally commands great respect in Egypt’s arbitration sector as well as a highly experienced lawyer noted for handling major commercial disputes both in litigation and arbitration. Our firm would like to congratulate our Managing Partner on this notable recognition and is looking forward in continuing to work conscientiously in positively shaping and leading the nation’s arbitration sector. Furthermore, we would like to congratulate and commend all of the attorneys who were also recognized in this prestigious list. To learn more about Business Today and the list, kindly visit the following link: