Rizkana and Partners register Egypt's first foreign NGO under the New Law

While the presence of Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGO”) are crucial in the development of the quality of life for civilians and the structural development of the state, the activities of these NGOs are the driving forces for the society to work hand in hand with the government. With that said, Rizkana & Partners are honored to announce that the Firm was able to successfully register the first foreign NGO in the country under the new law in the field of education. Associate, Youssef Rizkana and former Associate, Youssef Ismail (currently serving at the Counsel of State), were able to successfully handle the client’s task at hand under the supervision of Managing Partner, Hazim Rizkana. The registration process was also made possible with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Solidarity. The involvement of both entities played a tremendous role in moving the process along both professionally and within a very reasonable timeframe. This distinctive success will result in further promoting the welfare of our nation and simultaneously complementing its environmental, social, and corporate governance. Furthermore, Rizkana & Partners is also currently working on the registration of an additional NGO in the field of health. We are confident that this process will run as smoothly as the one prior while bearing fruitful results. Finally, we would like to thank both our esteemed clients for trusting us with taking on this rewarding task and the dedication of our attorneys who made it all possible.