Rizkana and Partners successfully defends a major international pharmaceutical company in a series of criminal and civil claims!

Our client, a pharmaceutical company, was charged with an unlawful competition misdemeanor, with regards to the use of the trademark and commercial name of another company. Our litigation team has managed to bring a favorable result to our client. Furthermore, this case is another successful chapter for R&P in a series of a number of claims brought by the opponent. This win will assist in cementing our client’s position in the remaining ongoing disputes brought by the opposing party.

We would like to also share that R&P managed to dismiss another claim brought by the opponent in a dispute arising out of a sales contract in relation to pharmaceutical products. The court adhered to our firm’s pleas and confirmed that it lacked international jurisdiction with regards to the dispute. The global amount in dispute for this matter is valued around EGP 4 Billion. The team who handled this matter was led by our Managing Partner, Hazim Rizkana, Counsel Mohamed Yehia and Senior Associate, Reda Abdelrahman. Congratulations to our client and our litigation team!