Our dispute resolution team handles all kinds of disputes including litigation, mediation and arbitration. The dispute resolution team is very diverse. The team is composed of internationally trained attorneys that have gained extensive experience in the field by representing clients in a wide variety of complex, large scale, national and international disputes.

Our structure ensures strong client support during all stages of handling a dispute.

The team background allows us to represent and advise international clients in international commercial and investment disputes, including multinational corporations operating in numerous fields and industries such as, manufacturing, trade, services, telecommunications, explosives, oil and gas, construction, hospitality, waste management, health, food additives and flavors, the sugar industry, capital markets, public international law, and sports.

The litigation practice represents clients in various civil, corporate and commercial litigations. The firm’s litigators have extensive experience in the fields of banking and finance, trading, employment, manufacturing, sports, entertainment, telecommunications, competition, trade remedies in international trade, cybercrimes, white collar crimes and money laundry.

As for our arbitration practice, our team has extensive expertise in representing clients in arbitrations in various fields including investor-state disputes, telecommunications, media and television, hospitality, the sugar industry, capital markets, oil and gas, waste management, natural resources, public and private international law, and construction. Furthermore, the arbitration team along with the litigation team, have managed to successfully annul, as well as enforce several major arbitral awards. As a result, our team is very efficient when it comes to avoiding the loopholes that might lead to annulment or prevent enforcement when handling ongoing arbitrations.

Finally, among our team are accredited mediators who received their accreditation from the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (“CEDR”) in London. Our mediation lawyers have worked as mediators in commercial mediations and also represent clients in commercial mediations, and some are also qualified to give and accredit prospective mediators in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our lawyers also act as consultants or as expert witnesses, on arbitration matters, before national courts, as well as, national and international arbitral tribunals.